Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pulp City - It’s where spandex heroes clash with giant apes and alien invaders!

Hi Guys,
Another update about what I am working on.
A slight distraction from Infinity: Pulp City.
If you have seen any e-mails from Jim's "Dice Club" :D, you probably know what I am talking about.

If you don't have a laugh & go here:

Pulp City Super Heroes skimish game (link)

Pulp City Battle Report (link)

I figure it will be a great beer & pretzels game.
Anyway I received the models (Hero & Villans starters sets) this week from Jim & I will show them occasionally here as I update (slowly).
Here they are so far:
Solar (Pulp City - link)

And Iron Train:
Iron Train (Pulp City - link)

Hope you have all had a good week and Happy Gaming,