Saturday, May 16, 2009

Life has been busy :P

Hi All,

Life has been very busy for a while now hence the lack of updates. I have done a few commission assemble and paint jobs since my last post but very little of my own.

Tonight I have added some of the links and blogs I like to visit regularly.

I have always enjoyed gaming and for the most part the gaming community but lately I have changed my interests from Games Workshop 40K and Warhammer Fantasy to more Historically based games.

Warhammer Ancients was the first with an interest in Ancient Greeks and Romans.

I have played Flames of War (World War Two table top game in 15mm scale) for a few years now and enjoyed it thoroughly. There is something about looking at Historical miniatures, painting them, reading about their history and culture and events surrounding their time period that has really got me hooked.

Fortunately companies like Warlord Games, Perry Miniatures and Victrix Limited have started to produce excellent plastics for historical figures. Even Wargames Factory has started to produce some nice plastics now that sculpting and casting issues have been sorted out.

This has allowed me to explore historical gaming in an inexpensive way. Most troops and Core Choices for Romans, Celts, English Civil War, American Civil War and now the Napoleonic Wars are now in plastics. These ranges are also supplemented by some very nice metal models for Command and Support figures.

Recently I have taken an interest in the Napoleonic Wars. I knew very little about them other than some of the protagonists were Britian and France after watching "Waterloo" the movie as a child.

I now own some Perry Miniatures British and French Infantry and also have some Victrix British figures. All of these are extremely nice to assembled and paint. Soon I will post some updates on painting these models and other aspects of my hobby. At the moment I have to go back to reading and researching a little on the Napoleonic wars. So much more to it than I ever though possible.

Until my next update, Happy Gaming!