Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Aventine Miniatures - Early Imperial Romans

Hi Guys,

I would like to introduce Aventine Miniatures to my collection.  Specifically, the Early Imperial Romans.

I have recently started playing Hail Caesar with a few mates and it is a cracking game.  I already own a stack of Warlord Games Early Imperial Romans.  Hail Caesar uses bases to represent commanders at different levels in Hail Caesar and while I had a few ideas of my own while doing the rounds on the internet, I stumbled upon this on the Lead Adventure Forums.

Adam has used various figures from Aventine Miniatures Early Imperial Roman Range to make a Command Stand.  The result is stunning.  Inspiration and decision made. After exchanging a couple of brief E-mails with Keith of Aventine Miniatures, Keith has handpicked out the same figures as a Special Order for me.

Imagine my delight when my Adam's Special Early Imperial Romans arrived in the mail today.

Now moving onto the figures themselves.  The figures are from a variety of packs from Aventine Miniatures Early Imperial Romans Range.  Keith offered to pick the figures himself and put them in a pack so I could use them in my Early Imperial Roman Army.  His communication was excellent.

I am very happy with the sculpting.  The casting does not let you down either.  These are without a doubt the cleanest cast pewter figures I have received in a long time.

While I am not up to Adam's standards for painting and converting, I hope I can do them justice.

Thank you Keith and thanks to Adam for some inspiring ideas  ;)

Happy Gaming,


I have been busy but first... A drawing from my son

Hi Guys,

I will have a few updates soon with miniatures I have been working on but first a  picture drawn by my son.

Do you think he likes Miniature Wargaming much?

Happy Gaming to you all :)