Friday, June 3, 2011

Small progress update.

Hi guys,

My 20 mm Elhiem Figures arrived and I started to clean them and base them.

I am happy to say very little cleanup is required if any and the detail is as good as shown on their webpage.

To be honest I am kicking myself for not trying these out sooner.

A few quick WIP photos to prove I am doing something even if there is not much to see yet.

IPB Image

After cleaning up the models I use superglue to attach the miniature to some flat washers.

I placed masking tape underneath the washers to prevent the washer and miniature from being superglued to the cutting board or table.

I do plan to glue magnetic sheeting to the underside of these washers to aid storage and transportation (more on that later). The washers were very cheap for around $4-5 for 100 washers.

IPB Image

Here is the total of tonights work. Not much but it has been a very long week and it was great to show some progress. I will keep chipping away at these.

The first models I have been basing are Iraqi models from Elhiem Figures Afghanistan and Iraq range. Before anyone goes all "Peace, Love and Mung Beans" on me (Damn Hippies!), I do not plan to use them as Iraqi soldiers.

I am toying with painting them up as Modern Day Soviet Cold War models, UN Peace Keepers from African Countries or as a Private Army for some evil Warlord/Druglord/Cultist.

As you can see I have narrowed the choices down biggrin.gif

Lastly I picked up some cork tiles to make buildings for Force on Force.

IPB Image

Ultimately I want to do this well to bring in more customers to our Local Gaming Store and have a laugh at the same time.  It's the weekend here in Australia so let's see if I can keep this going over the next few weeks.

Happy Gaming,


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Force on Force

Hi Guys,

As mentioned in previous posts, this diary will focus on Modern Day Skirmish and Battle games.


Current ruleset  I have, is  Force on Force now produced by Osprey Publishing.

I was very impressed with the quality of the book and the rules inside.  I will try to write a basic review once I have a game or two under my belt.

In the meantime I have included a few reviews to help people not familiar with Force on Force.


Land War in Asia blogspot

Meeples and Miniatures Podcast Episode 73

Rules Forums:

Official Ambush Alley Forums

The guys here seem very helpful and the Authors and Play Testers post regularly and all the guys have been very helpful to any questions I have relating to rules or hobby.

Useful Links:


Afghan Compound Buildings by Matakishi's Tea House


Small Scale Operations Blogspot - 20mm wargaming by Chris aka Sgt Scream

Ambushed in the Alley  15mm scale

Land War in Asia

Sample Battle Reports:

Persons of Interest

Salute 2011 Demo Game


20 mm scale: - This seems to offer the most options for vehicle and miniatures at present.  It also strikes a nice balance between storage and table space with as little as 2' x 2' needed.

28mm: - being the miniature hussy that I am I am sure I will get some figures in this scale as well.


To collect and paint enough Miniatures and Terrain to cover skirmish games with a view to running games at my Local Gaming Store Battle Station in Toowoomba and possibly run participation games at events like AUSCON.


Will most likely be a fictional Country to prevent clashes with some of the conflicts ongoing today.  I am Ex-Army and do not celebrate or glorify war in any way shape or form.

I do enjoy fictional settings like Tom Clancy's book Red Storm Rising and movies like Battlefield LA however and to play something similar on the tabletop is my goal.

Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do!

Now off to an appointment and I hope to have my first miniatures arrive in the mail today.

Happy Gaming,


Friday, May 27, 2011

Small Scale Operations - 20 mm Wargaming

Hi Guys,

Chris runs probably my favourite blog on the web (even prior to my interest in Ambush Alley).

It is well worth a visit if you have not done so already!

Small Scale Operations 20 mm Wargaming

Chris is a great resource to all players.

  • He maintains good links to manufacturers of 20 mm scale.
  • He is more than happy to answer questions about his hobby or how he painted a model.
  • Updates regularly!
If only we could all be that good :)

Happy Gaming,


What am I working on?

Hi guys,

Here is a snapshot of some of the projects I have at the moment:

Infinity the Game - Ariadna Highlander

I have only played a few games.  The rules are free for download and the models are incredible.

This is one Caledonian Volunteer that I am mucking around with.  Still a ways to go yet.

Ambush Alley - Modern Skirmish gaming

So I took the plunge and bought the new Ambush Alley Games Force on Force Rulebook.  The book is extremely good value for money and I have no regrets buying it even if I did not ever play it.

Plenty of Examples, diagrams, photos and did I mention an Index and Contents?  Rules that are cross-referenced are always given a page number so you can follow up on it.

I have not decided on a setting and am thinking of a Fictional Country using both COIN (Counter Insurgency Missions) and Conventional Warfare.  A Battlefield LA scenario might be worked on as well.

Seen here is a Dragon Armour pre-paint to use with my US Forces.  Humvee with TOW.  Happy with that for $15 Australian!

At this stage the plan is to use 20mm scale miniatures which match nicely with 1/72 plastic model kits and there is a healthy range of product out there for us to use as well.  This should save of space and cost.  The smallest area for game play would be 2' x 2' which means you could play this game almost anywhere.

Further updates soon.  I have placed an order with Elhiem Figures.  These are extremely nice miniatures that are well details, affordable and the range is constantly updated.

Early Imperial Romans - Praetorian Guard

These guys are nice to assembled but I would have preferred more Gladius (Swords) or Pilia in an upright pose.  Warlord Games does produce wonderful miniature kits and their after sales service has been great the two time I have used it.

I am using the Back 2 Base-ix movement Trays and magnets that come in a number of kits.  These have save me so much time, frustration and money (compared to a GW's basing).  One more company that gives great service and has useful products.

I love the fact the miniatures will not slide or tip over during a game.

Flames of War - Wittman's Tiger Tank

Hi guys,

I finished Wittman's Tiger tank for my Late War German Armies.  I do not plan to use many tiger tanks in my lists and picked this one up for fun.

Mostly I play Heer (normal german army) lists.

Hope you like it.  I like it a lot better than my Irish Guards :)

happy Gaming,


Irish Guards - Hells Highway

Hi guys,

I promised update so I had better deliver otherwise what is the point of blogging right?

After so much Nerd Rage over GW prices and policies this week I have decided to dedicate more of this blog to other mainstream games and miniatures that most players used to GW games are not aware of.

I would much prefer to focus on something productive than promote the negative.

Here are pictures of my Flames of War Irish Guards models.  A fair bit below my normal standard but time was short and I had a tourney to go to at AUSCON.

Colonel Joe Vandeluer and RAAF Forward Air Controller:


Armoured Platoon 1:

Armoured Platoon 2:

Armoured Recce Platoon:

Guards Column Platoon:

Army Shot (minus Vandeleuer and FAC):

I painted the Army over 3 days to a basic tabletop standard and hit them with a quick Gloss Varnish to protect them.

With so many half finished projects I had forgotten how good it feels to play with and against painted armies on a nice table.  The plan is to take more time on my other Armies since I am in no rush to play at tournaments for a while.

I am selling some of my Flames of War to make way for a new project:  Ambush Alley

Until next post, Happy Gaming!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

16 Spitfires flying together

Hi Guys,

If you grew up watching Battle of Britain movies and comic books you will love this.

Lots of collectors hard work coming together for an Airshow in Britain.

Certainly not something I ever thought I would see.

Happy Gaming,


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Put on my Fighting Trousers!

Hi Guys,

Had a great time at AUSCON.

Played in the Flames of War - Late War Tournament on the Saturday but missed the Sunday due to an old Army Injury (3 back operations slows me down some days).

A great effort by the organisers of AUSCON and not to forget Garry Wait the Flames of War Tournament Organiser.

The terrain was great although I hate bogging tanks on hedges.

Out of three games I lost the first against a Dogs and Devils HG Pioneer List, won the second against Germans Fallschirmjager's and lost the last against 78th Sturm Division.

I took Irish Guards from Hell's Highway Briefing using:


2 Shermans
1 Sherman ARV

Combat Platoons: (four of the below)

2 Shermans
1 Firefly

Weapons Platoon:

3x Stuart (recce)


Guards Column Platoon - 3 Universal Carriers

What did I learn?

More practice needed on placing objectives.

They are pretty light on in assaults.  Especially against pioneers and Sturm Division.  

Assaults are hard when you have to go over hedges rather than minefields and into pioneers.

I love objective based games that stop you from just standing back and shooting.

I wish I had taken a more balanced list with Infantry and Artillery like I normally do.

What did I buy:

  • Force on Force rulebook Ambush Alley Games published by Osprey.
  • 1 box of Warlord Games Praetorian Guard Legionaries to help complete my Early Imperial Roman Army.
  • River of Heroes Briefing Book - Flames of War
  • King Tigers boxed set - Flames of War - to go with River of Heroes

The Vendors were fantastic and had a wide selection of stock to the point that Games Workshop and Warmachine items were the exception rather than the rule.  I was in heaven looking at all the historical figures as well as the very nice fantasy and Sci-fi/Pulp figures on offer.

I nearly picked up a copy of Dust Tactics for the lovely Mech walkers for 28mm Wierd War gaming.

Pheonix Forge ran some great Demo games of Pulp City, Infinity, Dystopian Wars and a few others I was not familiar with.  Their Demo tables were fantastic!!!  I wish I had a camera with me as a picture tells a thousand words.

Irresistible Force stocked a great range of figures and even displayed a few new figures from Battlefront (Flames of War).

Anyway here is a fun Video I found on the web:

Thanks for reading my rambling.  I promise more eye candy next post including some pictures of my Irish Guards Army next post as well as some of the miniatures I am working on.

Until next time, Happy Gaming!


Friday, February 18, 2011

AUSCON - 30th April to 2nd May 2011

Hi Guys,

For those Gamers who can make it AUSCON is on for the first time this year.

I have bought my ticket and entered for the Late War Flames of War Tournament with a mate.

I am really looking forward to seeing everything instead of having to look at pictures from conventions overseas.

A great deal of hard work (by Mark and Allan) has gone into making this possible so make sure you attend if you can and if you are there, come and say G'day :)

Hopefully it will be the first of many AUSCONs!

Now which Army do I take?  That will probably be the focus of my next update.  lol

Happy Gaming,


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I have been busy. Honest!

Hi guys,

I pre-ordered two boxes of The Plastic Soldier Company's 15mm or 1/100 scale T-34 tanks.

5 sprues per box each with the parts to make one Soviet T-34 tank with a second turret for the T-34/85 so Late war and Mid War Soviets here I come!

Sorry for the photos.

I will say the plastic is a hard type and the detailing is nice.  For the price I am more than happy.

Zvezda is also releasing plastic vehicles in 1:100 scale (15 mm) and they look just as good as is the price.  Also being released are 1/144 planes.  Perfect for Flames of War.

I love playing Flames of War but I am a clumsy bugger and it is nice to think these models will bounce and not shatter if dropped.

The other advantage is weight.  The models are so light.  Good for gamers with a bung back like myself.

I hope Battlefront comes to the party and is up to the challenge.

There is a nice quick review over at World War II Central including some much better pictures than I take.

Some other reviews of his you may like:

The Plastic Soldier Company - 15mm Russian Infantry

Zvezda - 1/100 plastic tanks review

I will follow up with another update soon.

I have rambled enough for now.  Back to Housework for me :P

Happy Gaming,


Friday, January 14, 2011

Wargames Factory Shock Troopers

Hi Guys,

After picking up some of Wargames Factory's Greatcoat Shock trooper boxed sets at Quartermaster IV last year I decided to pull my finger out and paint some up.

Wargames Factory Shock Troopers

Just some small conversions:  Pig Iron Heads.

Wargames Factory Shock Troopers

Followed by some speed painting, Army Painter Strong Tone Quick Shade and Army painter Matt Varnish Spray.

Wargames Factory Shock Troopers

Lastly some Silfor Tufts to make the base less boring :P 

I also have some 28 mm WW2 models on order along with some skirmish rules sets.  More about that when it gets here.

Happy gaming,


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dystopian Wars

Happy New Year Guys!

My resolution is to spend more time on my own pile of unpainted models rather than spending it looking at all the other nicely painted miniatures on the internet.

Dystopian Wars was released at the end of 2010 by Spartan Games makers of games like Uncharted Seas (Fantasy Naval Warfare) and FIrestorm Armada (Sci-fi Space battles).  I did not buy into any of the other games as I have played and enjoyed Bablyon 5: A Call To Arms   for Space Battles and Uncharted Seas looked great but I wanted to see how Spartan Games went as a new miniature company before committing to buying models.

I spent about one and a half weeks having a cooling off period after listening to the D6 Generations Podcast about Dystopian Wars and trying to read up any review I could find on Google and the usual gaming sites (TMP etc..).  I found Varcan Cluster (link for Dystopian Wars posts only) helpful for close ups of the actual models for Dystopian Wars and a lot of the other games I love to play.

I finally caved and picked up the rules and all the starter sets for Dystopian Wars.  Dystopian Wars is a fun Air, Land and Sea game set in the 1870's.  It has a Steam Punk, alternate history to our own with some masterfully crafted models.

While I am cleaning up the models and prepping to paint them I thought I would post a few pictures of one of the Starter sets to show the contents.

A few close ups of the Kingdom of Britannia Starter set.

The nice thing is the models come with Unit Cards, Counters, Templates and 10 bases of Fighters  :armata_PDT_37:

Counters and Templates

The packaging is nice and there were no broken models.

KoB Starter packaging]

Some flash on the models but very easily removed!

KoB Starter set models contents

Some Detail shots of the KoB Battle ship and Frigate:

KoB Battleship Hul close up

KoB Frigate close up

Lastly a size comparison shot to other models:

KoB Frigate,Flames of War German,KoB Cruiser,Warlord Games Celtic Warrior,KoB Battleship,GW Terminator Marine

From Left to Right:  KoB Frigate, Flames of War German (15mm scale), KoB Cruiser, Warlord Games Celt, KoB Battleship and GW Terminator marine.

I hope the photos help those with questions about quality and what you get in a starter box.  I am happy with what I have received and like the fun nature of the game.

Back to work before the kids wake up :)

Until next time, Happy Gaming!