Friday, January 14, 2011

Wargames Factory Shock Troopers

Hi Guys,

After picking up some of Wargames Factory's Greatcoat Shock trooper boxed sets at Quartermaster IV last year I decided to pull my finger out and paint some up.

Wargames Factory Shock Troopers

Just some small conversions:  Pig Iron Heads.

Wargames Factory Shock Troopers

Followed by some speed painting, Army Painter Strong Tone Quick Shade and Army painter Matt Varnish Spray.

Wargames Factory Shock Troopers

Lastly some Silfor Tufts to make the base less boring :P 

I also have some 28 mm WW2 models on order along with some skirmish rules sets.  More about that when it gets here.

Happy gaming,


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dystopian Wars

Happy New Year Guys!

My resolution is to spend more time on my own pile of unpainted models rather than spending it looking at all the other nicely painted miniatures on the internet.

Dystopian Wars was released at the end of 2010 by Spartan Games makers of games like Uncharted Seas (Fantasy Naval Warfare) and FIrestorm Armada (Sci-fi Space battles).  I did not buy into any of the other games as I have played and enjoyed Bablyon 5: A Call To Arms   for Space Battles and Uncharted Seas looked great but I wanted to see how Spartan Games went as a new miniature company before committing to buying models.

I spent about one and a half weeks having a cooling off period after listening to the D6 Generations Podcast about Dystopian Wars and trying to read up any review I could find on Google and the usual gaming sites (TMP etc..).  I found Varcan Cluster (link for Dystopian Wars posts only) helpful for close ups of the actual models for Dystopian Wars and a lot of the other games I love to play.

I finally caved and picked up the rules and all the starter sets for Dystopian Wars.  Dystopian Wars is a fun Air, Land and Sea game set in the 1870's.  It has a Steam Punk, alternate history to our own with some masterfully crafted models.

While I am cleaning up the models and prepping to paint them I thought I would post a few pictures of one of the Starter sets to show the contents.

A few close ups of the Kingdom of Britannia Starter set.

The nice thing is the models come with Unit Cards, Counters, Templates and 10 bases of Fighters  :armata_PDT_37:

Counters and Templates

The packaging is nice and there were no broken models.

KoB Starter packaging]

Some flash on the models but very easily removed!

KoB Starter set models contents

Some Detail shots of the KoB Battle ship and Frigate:

KoB Battleship Hul close up

KoB Frigate close up

Lastly a size comparison shot to other models:

KoB Frigate,Flames of War German,KoB Cruiser,Warlord Games Celtic Warrior,KoB Battleship,GW Terminator Marine

From Left to Right:  KoB Frigate, Flames of War German (15mm scale), KoB Cruiser, Warlord Games Celt, KoB Battleship and GW Terminator marine.

I hope the photos help those with questions about quality and what you get in a starter box.  I am happy with what I have received and like the fun nature of the game.

Back to work before the kids wake up :)

Until next time, Happy Gaming!