Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More WIP photos

Hi guys,

Just a few WIP miniatures.

I do paint when I get the chance which is not very often at the moment - DOH!

More updates as I get to them (soon I hope).

[40K] Eldar Wraithknight:

IPB Image

[WHFB] High Elf Swordmaster:

IPB Image

[WM] Khador Devastator Heavy Warjack:

IPB Image

IPB Image

[Black Powder] French Old Guard Grenadier WIP old photo:

I have finished the first figure since taking this photo and the bases have arrived courtesy of BP laser armata_PDT_37.gif

IPB Image

For my sons:

Our sons are now 7 years and 9 years (going on 10). The great thing is they are always keen to roll a few dice with dad and we are now at a stage where we play 500 point armies for 40K (every man for themselves with dad in the middle). I normally play for fun and never for sheep stations even at tournaments so am having a blast with my boys. I always take softer lists for myself and give the boys one or two fun things.

The added bonus to having a hoard of unpainted figures is I can reward my boys when they work hard and behave with the occasional model. They love it armata_PDT_37.gif

[40K] Ork Wartrak:

IPB Image

[40K] Space Marine Commander - Ultramarines:

IPB Image

Happy Gaming,