Sunday, July 8, 2012

Norman Knights WIP

Hi Guys,

I am still painting although gaming has been non existent (for now).

To prove it here is a photo of a Norman Knight that is nearly finished.

I used a Little Big Men Studios shield transfer for the Conquest Games Norman Knight.  The shield transfers are excellent and easy to use.  A hole is left in the transfer for a shield boss and most of the Conquest Games shields have no shield boss.

Using a Gripping Beast kite shield I made a mould using Green Stuff of the shield boss.

I left the mould for a day and a half and then started press moulding green stuff shield bosses.  I wet the mould before press moulding so the green stuff did not stick.

The figure is painted, shield transfer is on.  I used Super Glue to glue the new shield boss onto the shield and painted it metal before using a black wash.

Now I have to use gloss varnish on the shield to protect it then matt varnish the whole figure before adding flock and it is finished!

11 more knights to go.

Happy Gaming to you all!