Thursday, June 2, 2011

Force on Force

Hi Guys,

As mentioned in previous posts, this diary will focus on Modern Day Skirmish and Battle games.


Current ruleset  I have, is  Force on Force now produced by Osprey Publishing.

I was very impressed with the quality of the book and the rules inside.  I will try to write a basic review once I have a game or two under my belt.

In the meantime I have included a few reviews to help people not familiar with Force on Force.


Land War in Asia blogspot

Meeples and Miniatures Podcast Episode 73

Rules Forums:

Official Ambush Alley Forums

The guys here seem very helpful and the Authors and Play Testers post regularly and all the guys have been very helpful to any questions I have relating to rules or hobby.

Useful Links:


Afghan Compound Buildings by Matakishi's Tea House


Small Scale Operations Blogspot - 20mm wargaming by Chris aka Sgt Scream

Ambushed in the Alley  15mm scale

Land War in Asia

Sample Battle Reports:

Persons of Interest

Salute 2011 Demo Game


20 mm scale: - This seems to offer the most options for vehicle and miniatures at present.  It also strikes a nice balance between storage and table space with as little as 2' x 2' needed.

28mm: - being the miniature hussy that I am I am sure I will get some figures in this scale as well.


To collect and paint enough Miniatures and Terrain to cover skirmish games with a view to running games at my Local Gaming Store Battle Station in Toowoomba and possibly run participation games at events like AUSCON.


Will most likely be a fictional Country to prevent clashes with some of the conflicts ongoing today.  I am Ex-Army and do not celebrate or glorify war in any way shape or form.

I do enjoy fictional settings like Tom Clancy's book Red Storm Rising and movies like Battlefield LA however and to play something similar on the tabletop is my goal.

Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do!

Now off to an appointment and I hope to have my first miniatures arrive in the mail today.

Happy Gaming,


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