Friday, June 3, 2011

Small progress update.

Hi guys,

My 20 mm Elhiem Figures arrived and I started to clean them and base them.

I am happy to say very little cleanup is required if any and the detail is as good as shown on their webpage.

To be honest I am kicking myself for not trying these out sooner.

A few quick WIP photos to prove I am doing something even if there is not much to see yet.

IPB Image

After cleaning up the models I use superglue to attach the miniature to some flat washers.

I placed masking tape underneath the washers to prevent the washer and miniature from being superglued to the cutting board or table.

I do plan to glue magnetic sheeting to the underside of these washers to aid storage and transportation (more on that later). The washers were very cheap for around $4-5 for 100 washers.

IPB Image

Here is the total of tonights work. Not much but it has been a very long week and it was great to show some progress. I will keep chipping away at these.

The first models I have been basing are Iraqi models from Elhiem Figures Afghanistan and Iraq range. Before anyone goes all "Peace, Love and Mung Beans" on me (Damn Hippies!), I do not plan to use them as Iraqi soldiers.

I am toying with painting them up as Modern Day Soviet Cold War models, UN Peace Keepers from African Countries or as a Private Army for some evil Warlord/Druglord/Cultist.

As you can see I have narrowed the choices down biggrin.gif

Lastly I picked up some cork tiles to make buildings for Force on Force.

IPB Image

Ultimately I want to do this well to bring in more customers to our Local Gaming Store and have a laugh at the same time.  It's the weekend here in Australia so let's see if I can keep this going over the next few weeks.

Happy Gaming,



Ray Rousell said...

Great and very simple idea using the masking tape!

Monty said...

Looking good Allan, must admit I use 1p pieces ( Her Majesty downwards, of course so as not to deface her); I have added you mate and will check in regularly.