Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Norman Knights for SAGA

Hi Guys,

Bet you didn't think I would follow with an update so quickly after the first!

I picked up a box of Conquest Games Norman Knights.  They are a nice plastic set which allow for easy conversions and are nicely detailed which I hope my photos display below.

You will notice that all have had the plastic spears removed and replaced with Brass Wire Spears.  I have  young kids and the chance of a few breakages are pretty good.

Parts are included for a command group including a Lord, Musician, and Banner/Pennant Bearer.

The casualty base is a very nice touch as well

Lastly in the box Renedra Bases are included (both single and double cavalry bases - 4 of each).  I decided to magnetise the bases for storage and transport using 3 mm diameter rare earth magnets.

I am very happy with the Conquest Games Normans and am looking to add more for my SAGA Army.  I may even extend the collection for playing larger Clash of Empires or Hail Caesar games.  Mmmmm Crusades .......

We are due to play SAGA again in around two weeks and I hope to have some paint on them by then!

Happy Gaming,



hilda dada said...

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Anonymous said...

They are looking good! I plan to get me a box of those later this year as well to use for SAGA, so I will eagerly follow your progress.

Allan and Carmen said...

Luckily it seems Conquest Games is releasing a boxed set of plastic Norman Infantry in July.

Good thing I ordered a few extra shield transfers from LBM (little Big men Studios).