Sunday, October 6, 2013

Important Announcement (GW Coverage) - Beasts of War

Hi Guys,

Those who know me are aware I have been a long time supporter of Games Workshop and their products.

I have been playing and collecting Games Workshop games since Rogue Trader was first released.

This announcement from Warren of Beasts of War has allowed me to cement my decision to  no longer support Games Workshop or any product from them.

Considering I have bought every Army Book, Army Codex, rulebook and just about every game miniature, terrain piece, novel, audio book (you get the idea) that I could get my hands on this is not a decision I have come to lightly.

Since Games Workshops Legal team has been nothing short of heavy handed and I have no wish to endure the bullying and immoral tactics endured by others who have done nothing but support the hobby and Games Workshop as a major player in miniature wargaming.

Whenever I encounter a problem I actively do something about it.  I will be removing all content relating to Games Workshop and their products from this blog and forums I have posted in.  I will be selling or binning all my (not inconsiderable) Games Workshop related product I have amassed over the last 26 years.

Furthermore I have sent the following E-mail marked for the attention of Senior Management at Games Workshop:

To Whom it may Concern,

For the Attention of:  Games Workshop Senior Management

RE:  Beasts of War (Important Announcement) :

Games from Rogue Trader onwards have played a major role in the Wargaming Hobby for myself and a large group of my friends.

I have supported GW the whole time when others have left after decisions from unreasonable price rises, the huge disparity in price here in Australia Vs Overseas to the use of overpriced Finecast miniatures (which has been anything but in my experience over a number of purchases - no it has not improved!).

I have supported Games Workshop in their pursuit to protect their Intellectual Property where reasonable.  

For Example: Chapterhouse Studios.

I have been dismayed at the increasing number of correspondence the Gaming Community has from the Legal Department of Games Workshop which specifically threaten and bully Websites and Blogs that support Games Workshop and the diverse products you supply.

The actions of the Legal Department have undermined the many years of hard work by the creators, game designers, Sculptors, Storeman, Salesmen, Office Workers and every other employee past and present (male and female).

After considerable thought I will no longer support Games Workshop or any product related to Games Workshop or it's subsidiaries.  The actions of your Legal team are immoral, cowardly and nothing short of bullying the very supporters of the products you sell!

Bearing in mind I have purchased all your game systems from Rogue Trader onwards, Black Library Novels, all the Army Books and Army Codexes, Audio Books, PC games and White Dwarf magazines (to name but a few).  While your legal team continues to pursue this course of action, Games Workshop's hard earned image as a major player in the wargaming industry will continue to be tarnished and eventually do irreparable damage to itself.

You have certainly lost more than one wargamer over this issue.  I am just one of a minority who bothered to write to you and tell you what you are doing is wrong and has cost you my business permanently.  The others will not bother to tell you.  They will quit the hobby and spend their money elsewhere taking other players with them to alternate wargaming companies.

There is no incentive to come back.

So that as a Wargamer I am not sued by Games Workshop I am hear-by notifying Games Workshop that I will be removing all blog content, content I have placed on forums, photobucket, PC Games, Army Books, Army Codexes, Rulebooks, Novels, Forgeworld Kits, Miniatures, photos, trophies, White Dwarf magazines, Audio Books I have purchased over the last 25 years.

To make it very clear to the imbeciles in your Legal Team.  My most recent purchase was the current Spacemarine Codex and all the accompanying plastic kits.

The other major point I would like to get across to the Games Workshop Legal team is that I will now have a huge amount of shelf space to dedicate to the products from: Warlord Games, Privateer Press, Battlefront, Mantic Games, Victrix, Perry Brothers (their non GW miniatures), and Spartan Games to name but a few that I already purchase from.  

Games Workshop's Senior Management and Legal Team owes nothing short of an unreserved apology to Beasts of War and the wider Wargaming Community.


Allan Traise

Avid Wargamer and former long time supporter of Games Workshop.

I am not rage quitting the hobby.  I enjoy it far too much for that.  From here on in the other great games will feature on this blog and forums posts.

Happy Gaming to you all!


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