Sunday, August 17, 2014

Woohoo another update!

Good evening Ladies and Gents,

Time for an update.  Gaming has been minimal due to a hectic family life and the joy of having a dodgy back from the Army.

I am very fortunate to have some great mates in our gaming group that don't mind.  Since I last posted, I have played Napoleonic Black Powder in 15mm, Hail Caesar in 15mm, Flames of War, and lastly SAGA.

The difference between playing 15mm and 28mm is interesting.  15mm armies can make the game look like more of a battle rather than a skirmish.  I started up a Republican Roman Army in 15mm (since I already own some very nice 28mm Warlord Games Early Imperial Romans).

These are very nice Xyston miniatures. And the above is one of my Works In Progress Command bases for the Army.  As is the one pictured below.

Base coat, ink wash and highlight.  I will get the hang of painting 15mm yet!

I still enjoy playing Flames of War and have been slowly painting some US Airborne I picked up years ago.  Here is a test piece.  Apologies for the poor pictures.

I knocked together this to make handling figures easier while painting.  Very high tech to be sure.  Simple and it works extremely well.  A length of dowel cut into smaller pieces and a old block of pine with holes drilled slightly bigger to sit the dowel in.  Great for undercoating with a spray can or airbrush as you can get up underneath a figure.  I picked the dowel to be the size that felt most comfortable in my hand.

I painted up an old GW Ork Skorcha Buggy for my eldest son.  I still play the occasional model game with the boys and I always end up playing the "bad guys" and losing to the "good guys" played by my sons.  Great fun to be sure and I enjoy anytime I get to spend with the boys. 

The white liquid on the base is some water effects I am messing around with for fun before trying something more serious.

As I have moved away from GW games I have been playing around with other periods including Moderns like these excellent USMC figures by Elhiem miniatures in 20mm scale.

And this Technical by Britannia (now owned & run by Grubby Miniatures).  A very clean resin body with very few bubbles and no warping (pay attention Forge World!).

I mentioned SAGA earlier and while I play Normans I painted up this Anglo Dane Warlord from Gripping Beast to use and finished him off with one of the very nice shield transfers from LBM Studios.

Lastly, I started messing around with some Perry Miniatures ACW plastic cavalry I had been using to make Rough Rider Conversions for my Old Imperial Guard army.  I have no interest in the ACW but it is a challenge to paint something different so started playing around with them.

My new airbrush arrived last week and I cannot wait to get some practice and churn out more painted figures.  Until next time Happy Gaming!


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Loving the old school orks in particular :)