Saturday, May 7, 2011

Put on my Fighting Trousers!

Hi Guys,

Had a great time at AUSCON.

Played in the Flames of War - Late War Tournament on the Saturday but missed the Sunday due to an old Army Injury (3 back operations slows me down some days).

A great effort by the organisers of AUSCON and not to forget Garry Wait the Flames of War Tournament Organiser.

The terrain was great although I hate bogging tanks on hedges.

Out of three games I lost the first against a Dogs and Devils HG Pioneer List, won the second against Germans Fallschirmjager's and lost the last against 78th Sturm Division.

I took Irish Guards from Hell's Highway Briefing using:


2 Shermans
1 Sherman ARV

Combat Platoons: (four of the below)

2 Shermans
1 Firefly

Weapons Platoon:

3x Stuart (recce)


Guards Column Platoon - 3 Universal Carriers

What did I learn?

More practice needed on placing objectives.

They are pretty light on in assaults.  Especially against pioneers and Sturm Division.  

Assaults are hard when you have to go over hedges rather than minefields and into pioneers.

I love objective based games that stop you from just standing back and shooting.

I wish I had taken a more balanced list with Infantry and Artillery like I normally do.

What did I buy:

  • Force on Force rulebook Ambush Alley Games published by Osprey.
  • 1 box of Warlord Games Praetorian Guard Legionaries to help complete my Early Imperial Roman Army.
  • River of Heroes Briefing Book - Flames of War
  • King Tigers boxed set - Flames of War - to go with River of Heroes

The Vendors were fantastic and had a wide selection of stock to the point that Games Workshop and Warmachine items were the exception rather than the rule.  I was in heaven looking at all the historical figures as well as the very nice fantasy and Sci-fi/Pulp figures on offer.

I nearly picked up a copy of Dust Tactics for the lovely Mech walkers for 28mm Wierd War gaming.

Pheonix Forge ran some great Demo games of Pulp City, Infinity, Dystopian Wars and a few others I was not familiar with.  Their Demo tables were fantastic!!!  I wish I had a camera with me as a picture tells a thousand words.

Irresistible Force stocked a great range of figures and even displayed a few new figures from Battlefront (Flames of War).

Anyway here is a fun Video I found on the web:

Thanks for reading my rambling.  I promise more eye candy next post including some pictures of my Irish Guards Army next post as well as some of the miniatures I am working on.

Until next time, Happy Gaming!


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