Friday, May 27, 2011

What am I working on?

Hi guys,

Here is a snapshot of some of the projects I have at the moment:

Infinity the Game - Ariadna Highlander

I have only played a few games.  The rules are free for download and the models are incredible.

This is one Caledonian Volunteer that I am mucking around with.  Still a ways to go yet.

Ambush Alley - Modern Skirmish gaming

So I took the plunge and bought the new Ambush Alley Games Force on Force Rulebook.  The book is extremely good value for money and I have no regrets buying it even if I did not ever play it.

Plenty of Examples, diagrams, photos and did I mention an Index and Contents?  Rules that are cross-referenced are always given a page number so you can follow up on it.

I have not decided on a setting and am thinking of a Fictional Country using both COIN (Counter Insurgency Missions) and Conventional Warfare.  A Battlefield LA scenario might be worked on as well.

Seen here is a Dragon Armour pre-paint to use with my US Forces.  Humvee with TOW.  Happy with that for $15 Australian!

At this stage the plan is to use 20mm scale miniatures which match nicely with 1/72 plastic model kits and there is a healthy range of product out there for us to use as well.  This should save of space and cost.  The smallest area for game play would be 2' x 2' which means you could play this game almost anywhere.

Further updates soon.  I have placed an order with Elhiem Figures.  These are extremely nice miniatures that are well details, affordable and the range is constantly updated.

Early Imperial Romans - Praetorian Guard

These guys are nice to assembled but I would have preferred more Gladius (Swords) or Pilia in an upright pose.  Warlord Games does produce wonderful miniature kits and their after sales service has been great the two time I have used it.

I am using the Back 2 Base-ix movement Trays and magnets that come in a number of kits.  These have save me so much time, frustration and money (compared to a GW's basing).  One more company that gives great service and has useful products.

I love the fact the miniatures will not slide or tip over during a game.


HavoK said...

Good skin on that ork. Ill be posting some of my own orks over at my blog, be sure to check it out! :)
Also the empire archers are really nice!

Allan and Carmen said...

Thanks Havok.

I really enjoyed your blogs!

Your collections seem to mirror my own :)

Happy painting,