Sunday, August 17, 2014

Great Customer Service!

Guys this is not a paid advertisement.  I want to give a big nod to Gavin who owns Irresistible Force in Brisbane, Queensland.

Last week I called Gav to ask about getting my first airbrush and compressor.  Gav spent 40 minutes on that one phone call in addition to a few e-mails.  At the end of the call I had received great advice and could place an order with confidence and am very satisfied with my purchase.  

More than once I have called up with questions about painting miniatures.  Gav has won quite a few painting awards and also commission paints in addition to running his store.  With a wealth of experience, he is always willing to take the time to give advice in person or over the phone.  

If you are lucky enough to drop into Irresistible Force you will see Gav puts his money where his mouth is and stocks a wide variety of paints, resin bases and a plethora of other hobby supplies and miniatures from different companies.

Great customer service and excellent advice on the painting as well as the products he stocks.  He has always gone the extra mile with a friendly, no nonsense approach to dealing with customers.  Any e-mails or queries are always answered quickly.  

After some hit & miss service from another store it is great to have found Gav at Irresistible Force (even if it is a 2 hour drive away).  Fortunately Gav's also has an online store :)

Happy Gaming & big props to Gav!

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